Support Our Troops plans ahead for 2017

SOT announces its 2017 plans for troop support.

SOT announces its 2017 plans for troop support.

Mike Hoernemann

“It is the fervent hope of all Americans that there will not be any need to deploy more U.S. Military personnel to dangerous overseas combat zones. Unfortunately the current world situation suggests that this will not be the case. In any event SOT is prepared to continue and expand as appropriate our charitable work in support of the troops.” So said Mike Hoernemann, president of the Robson Ranch Support Our Troops Organization (SOT).

He further noted that today less than one half of one per cent of all Americans spend any time on active duty in our all-volunteer military. SOT is proud to support over 80 specifically identified active duty military members who are close relatives, mostly children or grandchildren, of Robson Ranch residents.

All residents are invited to show their support for these fellow residents and their active duty loved ones by becoming members of SOT. The 2017 membership application forms are available from the display racks outside the HOA offices and can be downloaded from the SOT section of the HOA Clubs and Organizations website. The application forms also are being used to collect data that will be used to update SOT files. Annual membership dues are $10 per person. Unlike most of the thousands of large and small organizations that support Veterans and active duty military, 100% of all funds donated to SOT by individuals and corporate sponsors go to support the troops. Administrative costs for our all-volunteer organization are covered by the small membership fees.

Membership indicates support for the work of SOT. Members are not required to attend meetings nor are they required to volunteer for SOT projects. However, the monthly member meetings are open to all residents. Members will receive emailed copies of the minutes of each meeting as well as news from the troops we are supporting and announcements about SOT events such as the annual golf tournament in May and the Silent Auction on Veterans Day. The announcements will also indicate opportunities to augment the SOT volunteers with one-time efforts in support of these events.

SOT will also continue to maintain Veterans Park and offer memorial bricks for placement in the park, and park ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. SOT will set up the popular 180 flag median displays on designated holidays and will sell and install flags for display in residents’ own yards. Robson Ranch is noted for the wide range of clubs and organizations and activities available to all residents. Support Our Troops is a service organization and not a social, sports or hobby club.

The continuing support of our activities by all residents is greatly appreciated. The first 2017 members meeting will take place on Monday, January 16, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. in the Lone Star Room of the Clubhouse auditorium. This meeting will include a review of 2016 SOT activities and plans for 2017. Additional information is available from our internet website at