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SOLO happenings

On August 14, 2016, the Lower Southerland Drive (SOLO) friends enjoyed a great day attending West Side Story at the Denton Community Theatre then enjoying a great meal at the Barley and Board Restaurant. Around the table from left: Scott and Megan Wiegand, Robert and Kathy Todd, Jeff and Linda Venable, Donalee Hallenbeck, Donna Lepore, Denise…

Robson SoLo Ladies had a great December

Demographically the SoLo Group is comprised of residents from the lower Southerland Drive area from Michelle Way to Crestridge Dr. We also have a couple of “adopted” SoLoites. Our group is getting fairly large, and we have a lot of fun. This December the ladies decided to expand our venue beyond our monthly lunch at…

SoLo luncheon highlights

Front row: Jamey Siefert, Kathy Todd, Linda Venable, Melodye Rogers and Gayle Vokes; back row: Barbara Geiser, Janet Elizondo, Sondra Hall, Pat Vannest, Mary Sullivan and Cathy Jenkins.

Southerland Drive (SoLo) welcomes two new attendees to our monthly luncheon at the Wildhorse Grill. We are delighted to have new resident Gayle Vokes and recently retired Janet Elizondo join us. We have a great time getting to know our neighbors better. We all feel so lucky to live in such a friendly community!

SoLo hosts patriotic party

Cathy Jenkins, Sondra Hall, Denise Switzer, Pat Bender and Linda Venable

Southerland Drive is growing by leaps and bounds! Donna LePore and Eileen Forkin hosted a Patriotic Party for the neighborhood known as SoLo. Attending the party were five new couples who recently moved onto the street. It was fun to meet all of the “newbies” and welcome them to the neighborhood.

SoLo parties on

Gals, left to right: Mary Ellen Forbes, Donne Lepore, Janet Elizondo, Catherine Jenkins, Pat Bender, Marjorie Williams, Mary Sullivan, Melodye Rogers, Melinda Hall, Linda Grimes, Debbie Johnston, Jamey Siefert, Carol Finn and Barbara Geiser

Catherine Jenkins If you ask your Webster Dictionary, it will say solo means by one’s self. But if you ask the neighbors on lower Southerland Drive, they will say SoLo means togetherness. The latest SoLo bimonthly get-together was hosted in January by Carol and Frank Finn. Neighbors brought in their favorite libations and appetizers as…