Texas State Softball Champs

The Robson Ranch Texans Men’s Softball team

The Robson Ranch Texans Men’s Softball team

Johnny Blecher and Eddie Reeves

The Robson Ranch Texans Men’s Softballers are the 65AA Texas State Champs. The Softball Players Association (SPA) held its Texas Lone Star State Championships in Waxahachie, TX, June 8 and 9. The Robson Ranchers played three games, winning two of their three pool games giving them the championship. The normal two-day tournament was shortened to one day due to rain.

Our 65AA Robson Ranchers played three of their best games of the year, averaging 19 runs per game with the only loss being by one run.

It must be added that this team is the result of some very dedicated work by Paul Dorwaldt, Jerry Killingsworth, Johnny Blecher and David McKie among others. Thus far this year the team has played in three tournaments including College Station, Georgetown and Waxahachie, TX. Future plans include participation in a couple more tournaments this calendar year including one in Dallas on August 24 and 25.

The other teams we play against draw their players from large geographical areas such as DFW, Houston, San Antonio, etc., while our team is all Robson Ranchers including coaches Paul Dorwaldt and Jerry Killingsworth, and players Dale Hill, Pat Powers, Kelly Petre, John Thompson, Eddie Reeves, David McKie, Paul Vargo, Randy Brewer, Bill Johansson, Mick Calverly, Johnny Blecher, Bob Laderach, Jim Reese and Terry Scholze. The last five listed were selected as all-tournament players. Johnny Blecher was named the MVP of the entire tournament. Congratulations to all our players and coaches.

Since the tournament the team has been busy making plans for the continued success and enjoyment of this great sport. Not only has the team continued to make progress by winning more games, most of the players and coaches have become “unofficial spokesmen for Robson Ranch.” The camaraderie of like-minded guys has simply spilled over into our zeal for what we all enjoy here at Robson Ranch. I must add that players from other teams we meet are genuinely interested in knowing more about living here at RR.

Due to the early success of the program an additional team of 60+ year old players has now been developed to add to the 65+ team. This will provide a path for newer players to join in the fun and great times that are the hallmark of this entire program.

A recent visit with the RR sales team proved very beneficial in that they are now moving ahead with some financial support for this great program. The sales team plans to help with the upcoming RR-sponsored tournament now rescheduled for August 5, 2017 at our own Field of Dreams. As of now there will be a one-day tournament hosting five different teams including two from RR.

All are invited to come out and see some great softball, enjoy some hotdogs and cheer on your favorite players and teams.

See you at the ball park. Go Texans!