Texas Toss at Robson Ranch

Dave Parker

Around the country it is called “bags,” “corn hole” or “bag toss.” In Texas we call it Texas Toss! With the new patio area and astro turf, Texas Toss is a great way to have some fun and meet new residents. The game is played with a slanted board with a hole towards the top. Players throw bags filled with corn inside at the board. Landing a bag on the board scores one point and putting a bag in the hole scores three points. The league started at the end of September and is played on Friday nights beginning at 6:00 p.m. There are eight teams with eight players on each team. The top four teams playoff on November 18. The top three teams divide the entry money. Teams competing this year include: Big Bag Theory, Over The Hole Gang, Vipers, Eight Bags To The Wind, Put It In The Hole, Corn Stars, Carpet Baggers and Team Leprecorn. With all the teams and spectators, attendance can reach close to 100 on a Friday night! A spring league is being formed on Tuesday nights. The Tuesday league is called the American Bag League, and the Friday league is called the National Bag League. Play will begin in March with a Super Bag Bowl being played with the top winners of the two leagues. There are currently six team openings for the Tuesday night league. If you are interested in getting a team of eight together, email Dave Parker at dwparker33@gmail.com.