The right table tennis paddle for you

Linda Provenzano and Don Pooley

Finding the right table tennis paddle can be a dilemma when you start playing Table Tennis again after so many years. After all, it’s the primary weapon you use to hit the little white ball. There are a lot of different kinds of paddles—some are better for spin, some better for control and some heavier versus lighter ones.

All these different types of paddles come at different prices and vary by where they are found (Amazon or other websites). Also, as a Robson Ranch Table Tennis Club member you can also qualify for a club discount at Paddle Palace.

STIGA makes several quality paddles. They each have a performance rating for speed, spin and control. Listed are some examples (with pricing we found on Amazon):

*The Titan cost around $30. It has a rating for speed 80, spin 77, control 82.

*The Supreme cost around $39. It has a rating for speed 90, spin 92, control 89.

*The Pro Carbon is $65. Its rating for speed is 99, spin 100, control 80.

*The Evolution is a little lighter, costs around $50 and is rated for speed 96, spin 94, control 90.

Often, new or returning players need to opt for control over either speed or spin. For that reason, Linda Provenzano chose a STIGA Evolution paddle to restart her regular table tennis activity.

Drop by one of the club’s play sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 2:30 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to noon) and an experienced club player will be happy to help you choose a paddle that is right for you and your skill level.

Come join us for some table tennis in 2018 where you can get free exercise while having fun.

Newsflash: Jimmy Taylor, ITTF Certified Table Tennis Instructor and a Robson Ranch resident, is offering Table Tennis instruction and classes to Robson Ranch residents. To find out more contact Jimmy at 330-414-8253.