TWAG – a tribute to Joan Krause

Jeremy, Rhett, Joan and Chef Aubrey at the Grill

Jeremy, Rhett, Joan and Chef Aubrey at the Grill

Judy Ondina

The time frame is 2007-2008, the Grill’s chef, Ben Dawson, sends out his Chef’s weekly letter, a short two-paragraph document to inform the community of forthcoming specials. Time passes and the need for a better way to communicate with those living at Robson Ranch and advertise the Grill is brought to the Food & Beverage Committee’s attention. Joan Krause just happens to be on this committee, and in 2011 steps forward to pursue this need. Her offer was gladly accepted, and shortly thereafter the Food & Beverage Committee was disbanded. Joan accepted this as a volunteer position as her way of paying it forward to the community.

In 2012 Tony Rose, Food & Beverage Director, recognized the time and talent Joan was dedicating to this endeavor and hired her permanently to continue TWAG (This Week at the Grill.) This was music to Joan’s ears, and she put on her thinking cap on how to improve and further develop TWAG. Meeting with Jeremy and Rhett weekly her finesse and talent were in full gear, and soon we were seeing a whimsical side to the weekly publication. Cartoons, a variety of clipart and in time a variety of other topics were included: entertainment in the bar and out on the patio, 5 o’clock Somewhere with Jeremy, Wine Time, Rib Night and special Chef’s dinners. Joan kept TWAG professional but with her special touch of humor and fun.

All good things seem to come to a conclusion and such has happened to TWAG authored by Joan. With social media’s prevalence and popularity, the powers that be concluded that using such would be a more effective way of communicating with all the Robson Ranch communities. We now receive our weekly Wildhorse Grill at Robson Ranch emails via Fishbowl every Friday. Their goal is to keep us informed, to maintain the fun yet professional sense of humor that Joan provided for us all these years.

Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Joan surely enjoys her great sense of humor, her singing and whistling talents, and for many years reading This Week at the Grill. The Women’s Club has also kept her busy as she somehow manages to juggle and provide organization as the luncheon coordinator. It is not an easy task keeping track of 100-200 ladies’ lunch choices every month.

She will now have more time to enjoy playing bridge, Bible study group and keeping her friends entertained with her spontaneity and “musical” talents. TWAG may be history, but Joan is still here and we so appreciate her years of dedication to keeping the community informed about good eats and entertainment.