Voices United

The Voices United Women’s Group consists of Robson Ranch residents who meet on a regular basis to discuss progressive values. Not only do we discuss local, state and national issues over lunch, but we give back to the local Denton Community with projects which provide a helping hand to local citizens in need. In July we held a fan drive for those without air-conditioning and this December we are partnering with Meals-On-Wheels to provide gifts bags for the holidays. Our November get-together was a Holiday Party in support of this project. We’ve collected donations which will allow us to provide gift bags for all our residents who receive food from Meals-On-Wheels.

Several times during the year we will have a guest speaker on a variety of topics. There are times when we like to spotlight one of our members to share about their background and experiences. Our lunches are also an opportunity to meet and make new friends here at Robson Ranch. As we get to know each other and share our lives, not only here at the Ranch, but our lives before we lived here, friendships are formed. We all did interesting and exciting things and many of us have traveled all over our country and the world. The only cost is your lunch if you choose to eat.

For more information about the group, please contact Tracy Olson at [email protected]