We are the Closers, the mighty, mighty closers. We close the Grill, nightly

From left to right are Earl and Michele Williams, Closers 3 and 4; guest Margaret O’Neil; Shirley and Sammy Monge, Closer 7; Diane and Tom Reeve, Closer 5; Gordon Melkus, Closer 1; Misty and Kirk Douglas, Closer 2; guest Sam Monge. Not shown: Tricia Douglas and not able to attend were Closer 6, Rita and Tim Howe.

Tricia Douglas

The Closers were formed when several new homeowners moved to the Ranch this past year and immediately bonded. Many are still working and consequently found themselves the last to arrive at the Grill in the evenings. Thus, we are quite often the last to leave – not really ‘nightly’ as our little jingle indicates for the sake of rhyming!

The ladies of the group gather monthly for popcorn and a movie at the home of Diane and Tom Reeve while the guys golf. Diane and Tom just happen to live on the 16th green so the gals get to witness some awesome shots when our golfers reach that point. This group likes to gather for any occasion, so September 2 we added a Retirement Celebration to the day in honor of Sammy Monge, retired from 35 years of serving on the Superintendent Cabinet as the Chief of Policy and Planning at the Fort Worth ISD. We wore purple in support of Sammy’s passion for his Alma Mater, TCU.