The Wildhorse Lady Niners beat the heat with a golf cart wash

Mary Ornberg

A big thank you to everyone who played a part in our first ever Golf Cart Wash on June 12! Gloria Baer, Teresa Blackburn-Korn, Bev Busick, Jeanne DeArment, Janie Farnworth, Angie Gay, Sue Halsted, Deb Harwell, Susan Hebert, Chris Melo, Cel Muff, Fran Norris, Jan Norton, Mary Ornberg, Kathy Perry, Sandy Petty, Marsha Scholze, Jamey Siefert, Jane Thompson, Sandy Welch, and Virginia Wheeless all volunteered to make it the fun event it really was! Thanks to all the happy volunteers who hosed, scrubbed and supplied their own towels to dry a total of 52 carts. Sue Halsted provided her house and made delicious blueberry muffins for everyone. Thank you, Sue! Bev Busick also brought dips and chips to keep us going, and Mary took some great pictures, which you can check out on My Grove. Thank you all! But a huge vote of thanks must go to Teresa Blackburn. Not only did she volunteer her house and Sue’s as the site for the event, but she took control of the whole deal getting buckets, brushes, water and providing sandwiches, chips and dips for us all to enjoy. Our efforts made a total of $650. The $364 will go to subsidize our Christmas lunch and $296 was donated to the “Hearts for Homes” charity. The Cart Wash was a huge success and many people have asked us to make it an annual event! We shall see! Our quarterly meeting was our next event. The hot weather is here so we enjoyed some “Midsummer Madness” after golf on Tuesday, June 20. We tested putting skills earlier in the year, so now we played “pitch a hoop” and “pitch a pot!” Pitching wedges and balls were provided. All this while enjoying a “turkey delight” wrap with a light mayonnaise pasta salad. Afterwards Deb Harwell conducted our quarterly meeting.

Remember you can join this group of women golfers by downloading a membership application from the website: (go to “clubs” and then to “Wildhorse Lady Niners”) or call membership chairperson Jan Norton at 940-271-0376.

We are all about having fun!