Wildhorse Lady Niners sparkle at the 4th of July Parade

Mary Ornberg

The skies looked ominous as severe weather threatened the day. The rains came and cooled off an expected 100 degree day and then clouded over to keep the temperature under 85 for a delightful parade where the Niners truly razzle-dazzled the cheering crowds.

The Wildhorse Lady Niners, dressed in red shirts, white shorts, blue sparkle visors and pompoms on their shoes, marched as the crowds cheered for more. The Niners were the hit of the parade again and have outdone themselves from the previous year. The following are some of the comments heard around Robson.

“The Lady Niners were wonderful. Great attitude coupled with great fun.” “Wildhorse Lady Niners were the highlight of the parade and are the talk of the ranch for a second year!”

The parade marchers included Marsha Scholze and Lady Hanigan as the banner carriers. Darla Mahan strutted as the fearless leader and cadence keeper. Leading the group of marchers in the first row were our princesses Sharon Dinsmore, Teresa Blackburn-Korn and Janie Farnsworth. Following were Consie Javor, Jan Angus, Deb Harwell, Mary Lee Garbowski, Irene Wantuchowicz, Nancy Wendt, Shirley Green, Cel Muff and Gwen Heinen.

The added golf carts featured Beverly Busick and her companion Tucker, Virginia Wheeles and Jamey Siefert, and Jane Thompson carrying our most important boom box with the fabulous music.

Remember, you can join this group of women golfers by downloading a membership application from the website: www.robsonranchhoa.org (go to “clubs” and then to “Wildhorse Lady Niners”) or call membership chairperson Olive Morton at 940-206-6508.

We are all about having FUN!