Wind Turbines, Doc’s Bar and Grill, and Turtle Hill Golf Course, OH MY!

Mary Ornberg

April 4 was a designated travel day for the Wildhorse Lady Niners play day. We donned our lederhosen and car pooled to Muenster to play the Turtle Hill golf course. Turtle Hill was adventurous to say the least. The fairways were a little rough, and the cart path started midway through each fairway. Cracked cement and dirt patches were the standard look on every hole except for hole No. 11. Glorious, scenic and unique describes this hole. It was a par 3, 204 yards from an elevated tee box of 120 feet above the green. We “played the turtle.” Afterwards our lunch was arranged by Sharon Dinsmore at Doc’s Bar and Grill in downtown Muenster. They are famous for their version of the Rueben sandwich. Delicious! Shopping followed lunch for some, and others continued north to Winstar. It was a most enjoyable day for all and some even made a profit.