Wisconsin Club reorganizes

Wisconsinites enjoying the recent Badgers/Tigers game

Wisconsinites enjoying the recent Badgers/Tigers game

Mary Fabian

The Wisconsin Club hosted a watch party at the Grill on Saturday, September 3, as the Wisconsin Badgers hosted the LSU Tigers. The LSU fans were invited to share a fun afternoon with the enthusiastic Badger fans. The LSU crowd sat together at a table in the lounge ready to show the Badger fans how to win a National Championship and stomp the Badgers at this nationally televised game at the iconic Lambeau Field.

Well, needless to say Wisconsin pulled off the biggest upset of opening day, a raspy, draining 16-14 win before a crowd of 77,823 in the stands at Green Bay and another 40-50 at the Robson Ranch Grill.

The best quote of the day from Lambeau Field, “The leap was everything I could hope for,” Cichy said. “I was swarmed by a bunch of Wisconsinites.” And mine from the Robson Ranch Grill, “Thank you for the friendship and camaraderie of a bunch of Wisconsinites!”

The Wisconsin Club is organizing and planning several events. The next one will be the Packers vs Cowboys October 16 at the Robson Ranch Grill. The Grill and bar will be open and all TVs focused on the game! Watch for details on the HOA daily announcements.

Thoughts are to have beer and cheese tastings, maybe old fashioned potlucks, not to forget some ol’fashions, Packer parties and maybe even a rhubarb pie and brat fest! A road trip to a German restaurant, breweries, and where could we find a Danish Kringle?

If you are a Wisconsinite, via birth, childhood, career, family ties or just love our culture, please join us. We want your ideas and need you on the email list.