Women’s Club July meeting

Jill Beam, Ms. Texas Senior America

Jill Beam, Ms. Texas Senior America

Susan Knopick

The Women’s Club of Robson Ranch had a delightful visitor for its July lunch. Jill Beam who is Ms. Texas Senior America (http://www.mstexassenioramerica.org/) told the Women’s Club about her years as the Dallas Park and Recreation office’s Athletic and Reservations Manager and about winning the Ms. Texas senior pageant.

The aim of the pageant is to champion healthy aging, wellness and mental well-being. Contestants are chosen for their ability to promote a positive imaging of aging. The pageant began in 1992 with 23 contestants vying for the prestigious crown. Ms. Beam as the winner competed for Ms. Senior America, whose philosophy is that seniors are the foundation of America, our most valuable treasure.

Ms. Beam, wearing her tiara and sash for the event, told her Robson Ranch audience to live each day to the fullest, not worrying about tomorrow and not dwelling on yesterday. “Winning the title is not just wearing a sash and a crown but it’s a job to promote senior women and to give them honor. Each senior woman in the audience has a story to tell about achievement and adversity.”

“Look on the bright side of life,” Ms. Beam told her audience. “Happy people attract happy people.”

Make sure to mark your calendar for October 8, the very popular Women’s Club‘s annual Christmas Market at Robson Ranch. http:www.rrwomensclub.org.