Women’s Softball Team coming spring of 2019

Steve Targonski

Calling all interested women who would like to start a women’s softball team! You can be a veteran player or just a newbie who would like to give it a try. All women at Robson Ranch are invited to join in. Practices and games will begin on Saturdays starting in March of 2019. All games will be played against other women’s teams in the area. As many Robson Ranch women’s teams will be organized as there is an interest. All women that join will get to play. On Wednesday, January 9 and February 13 an informational meeting will be held in the Patriot Room at 7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Come and check it out! You can sign up on those dates if you are interested. If you have questions, email Steve Targonski at 1250steve@gmail.com.