Writer’s Guild member publishes novel: MP-1 The Mineral Planet book synopsis

MP-1 is available on Amazon.com in ebook and paperback.

MP-1 is available on Amazon.com in ebook and paperback.

The Entity had waited for one thousand years to complete its mission. Now it was in danger. Her solitude and isolation wereviolently disrupted by intruders who were intent on mining MP-1 for profit and power.

Communications with the mining operations on MP-1 ceased. Government officials on Terra, concerned about their people and the loss of revenues, dispatch Dr. Carmen Anne Stevens and a small special ops team to MP-1 to investigate.

They find the miners dead — their bodies torn to pieces and scattered over the mining compound with no clues as to who or what did the killing. During their investigation they explore a strange cavern and discover Rominium, an element needed as the basic fuel for dark energy reactors and not available anywhere else in the galaxy. While in the cavern Carmen makes contact with an unknown creature who says she will kill her if she doesn’t leave and warns her to never come back.

Carmen’s project to develop dark energy reactors had hit a stopping point. The Rominium she needed wasn’t available anywhere except MP-1. Carmen convinces her boss to let her relocate the project to MP-1 despite the extreme dangers of a planet overrun by vicious predators and an unknown killer.

The Cloy and Earth learn about the Rominium and attempt to claim the rights to the planet’s vast treasures. Failing to negotiate what they want, they send a space force and soldiers to take possession of MP-1. An interplanetary war breaks out between Earth, Cloatia and Terra leading to a massive space naval battle, the outcome of which will determine who controls the most valuable piece of real estate in the galaxy.

The Entity, drawn into the middle of the conflict, has to fight for its very survival as the war rages on. Earth and the Cloy lose the naval battle, and the Entity kills all of the invading soldiers who entered her cavern. The massacres caused by the Entity are of great concern to Terra and its allies. They vote to destroy the Entity, but Carmen convinces them to let her go back to MP-1 once more and resolve the issue. She is certain the Entity is not a mindless killer but protecting something of great importance.

Carmen returns, makes friends with the Entity and soon learns her great secret. To Carmen’s dismay the Entity believes her mission has failed and begs to have the soldiers kill her. Carmen convinces the Entity to let her try and solve the problem. Despite the creature’s desire to die, she agrees even though she believes her situation is hopeless. Encouraged, Carmen devises a plan that requires suspension of all research and mining operations for several months. The Alliance agrees, but will her plan work or will it be too little and too late to prevent a great tragedy?