Writers’ Guild Tip – Use your personal experience to write

The cover of Jackie Moore’s new book

The cover of Jackie Moore’s new book

Jackie Moore

Using your personal experience to write lends authenticity to your work and lets people identify with that experience in a unique way. Have you experienced something unusual? Suffered a trauma? Write about it in a memoir, non-fiction book or fiction book so others can learn from your experience!

My novel, A Diplomatic Death by J. K. Moore, is now on Amazon Kindle. The book is based on a character named Jason Fox, Regional Security Officer at the American Consulate General in Frankfurt, Germany. One night Jason is summoned to the scene of a dead Consulate employee, and Jason must work with the German police to investigate the case. When circumstances point to an American’s possible involvement, Jason enlists the help of newly-arrived Consular Officer Amber Lockwood to see if there is any connection to anyone in the Consulate. When suspicious visa applications surface and Jason is warned that classified documents may be missing, he tries to resolve the issues before an upcoming vice presidential visit. When another Consulate employee dies in a suspicious manner, Jason races against time to find who is responsible, German or American.

What is my personal experience that lends authenticity to the book? I worked 15 years for the State Department Foreign Service at American Embassies/Consulates all over the world. That experience gave me unique knowledge of how an Embassy functions and the duties of the American staff; knowledge not many people have.

My second novel (in progress), A Death in Dallas, is based on a character named Stephanie Walker, a female CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) who lives and works in Dallas. Stephanie contracts out as a forensic accountant who reviews company financial documents to uncover fraud and theft. When a client calls and sets up an appointment, Stephanie discovers the client murdered in his office when she arrives for their meeting. The victim’s wife asks Stephanie to review the company financial reports to help solve his murder. When she finds abnormalities in bookkeeping records, her office and home are broken into jeopardizing the safety of her two teen-aged children. She must race to find answers before another murder occurs.

What is my personal experience that lends authenticity to the book? I am a CPA, CFE and CISA and worked many years as a Federal auditor reviewing financial documents.

So, use your life experiences to write, entertain and educate other people.