You could be an Olympian


David Laschinger

Have you ever dreamed of being on the platform to accept a medal after winning an Olympic match? If you have ever had that honor, congratulations! Age has put it out of the reach for us now…or has it? Maybe not. On August 1, the Living Well Committee will kick off the 2018 Robson Ranch Olympics with a terrific film called, Impossible Dreamers: You’re Never too Old to Dream Big. It’s an exciting and inspiring documentary about senior athletes, many of whom you will recognize like legendary golfer Gary Player.

The film shows the highs and lows experienced by senior athletes and describes their fears and ultimately their indomitable spirit. It’s a battle against the weight of aging and the ever-present force of gravity. It is also about increasing the quality of our lives, too, because there is overwhelming evidence that movement and exercise has remarkable prophylactic benefits as we age.

This will be a free event sponsored by the HOA and the Living Well committee. Representatives from the committee will discuss the upcoming Robson Ranch Olympics, talk about the various sporting events and tell you how and when to sign up.

Now that we’ve gotten you excited about seeing the movie and learning more about the Robson Ranch Olympics this fall, come watch it and enjoy some free popcorn. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 1 from 3:00–5:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse. We need to know you’re coming though, so use the link on the home page of the Living Well website, to sign up.

Later in August, on the 22nd from 1:00–2:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse, the LW committee will host Andrew Crocker. He has degrees from Baylor University and is a specialist in Gerontology and Health with the Texas A&M Extension office. His talk is titled, “Am I Going Crazy?” He describes it as: “A fun program which will help us gauge our short-term memory ability and explore ways to maintain our memory as we age.”

Watch for more information about the upcoming Living Well events in the August issue of the Pioneer Press, the HOA emails, the Message Board and 24/7 on the Living Well website:

All presentations sponsored by the Living Well at Robson Ranch Committee are intended for general information and should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice. Neither the LW at RR Committee, RR Denton HOA, nor Robson Communities is responsible or liable for the content and do not endorse any product or service mentioned.