2 Your Health: Why am I so tired?

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It is July in Texas again. The weather is hot, and you may be feeling more tired. Is it the weather or something else? A major hormone in our body that helps with energy is our Thyroid Hormone. Thyroid hormone is a hormone that regulates temperature, metabolism, cerebral function and energy. Thyroid hormone protects us from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, fatigue and weight gain and memory loss. This is a hormone we want to optimize to make us feel energetic and ready to take on our week.

There are three main causes that may create thyroid deficiency. Our thyroid gland over time may decrease production. Our body may have a hard time converting T4 to T3 (which is what our body needs). Lastly, our receptor site may be resistant so T3 cannot move into the cell correctly causing symptoms of low thyroid despite “normal” blood levels.

There are over 200 symptoms related to thyroid deficiency including feeling weak, cold, tired. You might experience thin hair, thin skin and nails. Weight gain can occur with loss of energy and motivation. Loss of cognition or memory can also be a sign. Constipation and depression can also be attributed to thyroid deficiency.

What can you do for it? Obviously eating healthy and getting exercise makes the whole-body function better. Making sure your spine health is optimal is important to naturally support the thyroid. Another way is a natural supplement that enhances your thyroid production. If you still have issues, talk with your health care professional about possible supplementation of thyroid hormone. Health care professionals will look at lab work as well as symptoms to make sure your thyroid is being supported in the best way possible.

When your thyroid hormone is optimal, your symptoms should decrease and you feel better, have a healthier weight and feel more energetic. You might even feel like joining the Pickleball club or joining a Yoga class at Robson. When you feel better, you look better, and it makes life more enjoyable…so get out there and live life to the fullest (even in this hot weather!)

Tracy Cook is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who owns and operates a private medical practice: Adult Health Services and Argyle Medspa and Wellness Center, is a resident of Robson Ranch and a Living Well committee member.  For any questions or more information please visit her website: www.Argylemedspa.com.