2021 Arlene Pfeil/Jim Greg Doubles Tournament Winners

Arlene Pfeil (center) with the winners of the 2021 Arlene Pfeil/Jim Greg Doubles Tournament Jim “Butch” Southard and Jack Zastrow.

Don Pooley

And the winners are … Jack Zastrow and Jim (Butch) Southard. In second place was the team of Raymond Rice and Don Pooley. Arlene Pfeil presented the winners’ trophies on June 21.

Below are the team net total wins through the end of the tournament, June 16. One low score (or missed match) was removed from each team’s total wins to calculate the final tournament net total wins. Congratulations to all the participants for their play in this year’s doubles tournament and in their ability to complete their matches in the scheduled two weeks of Doubles Tournament play.

Team 1: Jim Doyle and Peter Hollatz, 7 Net Wins

Team 2: David Holmes and Bruce Hireftis, 12 Net Wins

Team 3: Don Pooley and Raymond Rice (second place), 18 Net Wins

Team 4: Linda Provenzano and Carol Rumberger, 14 Net Wins

Team 5: Steve Rynn and Pete Belding, 7 Net Wins

Team 6: Rosemary Simecek and Caryn Galderisi, 16 Net Wins

Team 7: Jim (Butch) Southard and Jack Zastrow (winners), 21 Net Wins

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News flash: Congratulations to David Jones, who finished in third place in the Senior Division at Grapevine Ping Pong Club’s 2021 Summer Tournament on June 6.