2nd annual 9 Pin No-Tap Bowling Tournament results

Top Bowlers Roll Off/Men: Bruce Greetan, Elmer Summers, Bob Pywowarczuk, Mike Slusher, Glenn Kraemer

Top Bowlers Roll Off/Women: Dolores McCuistian, Amy Enloe, Billie Connell, Cathy Griffin (not shown) and Carolyn Huggins (not shown)

Bowling champion Dolores McCuistian

Bowling champion Bruce Greetan

Tricia Douglas

February 10 was a fun-filled Sunday afternoon for 74 bowlers participating in our second 9-Pin No-Tap Bowling Tournament. In addition to numerous door prizes, our winners were the following:

1st Game/Mens: Bruce Greetan, Larry Walker, Elmer Summers

1st Game/Women: Tracy Cook, Pat Hamblin, Debbie Hinson

2nd Game/Mens: Elmer Summers, Bob Pywowarczuk, Jim Want

2nd Game/Women: Evelyn Harris, Dolores McCuistian, Carol Walker

3rd Game/Mens: Dave Platten, Glenn Kraemer, Bob Pywowarczuk

3rd Game/Women: Cathy Griffin, Amy Enloe, Carolyn Huggins