A Mother’s Day to Remember Always

Pictured (left to right) are Josh, Judy, John, and Brent. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This photo clearly proves this saying. Judy’s glowing smile radiates the warmth and joy for her children, and the sons’ pride and love for their mom is reciprocated in their smiles.

Shirley Martin

Flowers, candy, and dinner reservations are standard fare for celebrating Mother’s Day. Also, who can resist a loving card painfully drawn by your first-born grandchild, especially when Grandma is an artist. How do you celebrate a milestone birthday when it coincides with Mother’s Day? Sam Karr found the answer, and the Back Forty neighborhood rose to the occasion.

Sam planned a surprise 75th birthday party for his wife Judy Riffel-Karr. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, in the middle of the afternoon, 50 neighbors suddenly walked into Judy’s home to wish her a happy birthday. It was the first surprise party Judy ever experienced. Shock, excitement, and joy overcame Judy. The day and the memories could have ended with the party, but Sam wanted to make this birthday and Mother’s Day an event to always remember. While the neighbors mingled, the doorbell rang. In strolled Judy’s three sons: Brent from Kansas, John from Colorado, and Josh from Denton. It was a birthday and Mother’s Day never to forget and a memory to be cherished forever.