A Special Gift for the Members of the Wood Shop

Wood Shop members at wood sale: Front: Mark Freeman, Sue Wells, Lorraine Wilson, Kathy Dial; back: Loren Christensen, Larry Ditch, Frank Hunter, Kelly Kay

Joni Matthiessen

The Wood Shop was recently gifted the most gorgeous black walnut wood. Our board spent a whole Saturday morning allowing Wood Shop members to come to the Shop and buy this wood at a much-discounted price.

Having been a fantastic woodworker for many years, current Shop member Buddy Smith had a storage unit full of black walnut. He received it quite a while back when a neighbor from Oklahoma cut down some trees on their property and gave Buddy all the wood. He milled it and kept it in a storage unit all this time, but he decided it was time to find a new home for it. Buddy was in contact with Shop member Larry Daniels who arranged for the Wood Shop to receive the wood. There were piles of wood all over the Shop, and many members came and picked up loads of wood for future projects.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Buddy for giving us all this wood. I suspect folks might want to be on the lookout in our sale window for some gorgeous pieces soon to be available for sale!