A Special Holiday Decoration

Left to right: Ken McCully, Lynn McCully, Judy Riffel-Karr

There is something special about the holiday season that entices Robson residents to brighten their homes with colorful decorations. Reindeer and Santas on the lawn, twinkling lights around homes and trees, and festive wreaths on the doors adorn many of the homes. Residents in the “Back Forty” neighborhood have long admired and enjoyed these displays and, for the second year in a row, have added a new dimension—a decoration with meaning. Under the artistic direction of Judy Riffel-Karr and the wood-handling expertise of Tim Gamble, new neighbors were invited to submit designs on wood panels that displayed special meaning for them.

Lynn and Ken McCully were blessed with two granddaughters that bring joy and brightness to their life. One is a blond and one is a brunette. Their outdoor decoration will feature two wood cut-out angels in flowing gowns; one a blond and one a brunette. Lynn is excited to decorate their yard with their “special angels.” Imagine the delight and love when their granddaughters come to visit.

John Jordan loved the field of experimental aviation and, growing up, always dreamed of owning a plane. He obtained his pilot’s license and gave flight lessons while still pursuing his dream. John achieved his dream by building his own plane, an RV-7. He sold it before moving to Robson. His dream is alive again in his special holiday decoration—an exact wood cut-out of his plane with an added twist. Santa is the pilot.

These are just two of the many special wood panels the Back Forty neighbors designed and painted. Robson residents are invited to drive by and view these meaningful decorations during the month of December.