A Teddy Bear to the Rescue

Sam Karr with donations from Robson residents

Try to picture a young child, shaking with fear, standing alone, after witnessing a traumatic or scary situation. Imagine you are a police officer or a sheriff’s deputy or a firefighter or a first responder responding to this scene. How do you respond? When most adults think of police officers and first responders, they imagine strong, brave people. And in the eyes of children, first responders are people who can provide them with help in any situation. In situations like these, the tools that first responders use are different than the ones they carry on a day-to-day basis, with one of the most important ones being a Teddy bear or a soft, cuddly stuffed animal.

A soft stuffed animal has been proven to help distract and calm children in the midst of frightening situations. The Vietnam Veterans of America Post 920 recognizes this need and organizes drives to collect soft stuffed animals for Denton County first responder units. Sam Karr, a Robson Ranch resident and an active member of Vietnam Veterans of America Post 920, sent a request to the Robson residents asking for donations to support this worthy cause. The response was overwhelming. Over 150 animals alone were donated by Robson residents, and an additional amount was donated by members of Post 920 and Denton County residents. Vietnam Veterans of America Post 920 offers a heartfelt and warm thank you to all who responded. A scared child thanks you, too.