AASG Members Welcome Visitors at the Open House

AASG members Jackie Ford and Cynthia McPhaul at the recent Club Open House

Tiffany Ramzy

Several members of the African American Social Group (AASG) were on hand to welcome visitors to their table at the recent Robson Club Open House. The AASG is a club at Robson Ranch where African American residents, our spouses, family members, friends, and other residents gather for fun and informational events. We are a friendly group, and we support each other.

We meet for dining-out dates, games, classes, cultural activities, seminars, trips, and volunteer activities. We share information about our history, culture, experiences, knowledge, skills, businesses, etc. We celebrate American holidays such as Juneteenth, Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and July 4th. We participate in some of the 100-plus other Robson Ranch club activities such as golf, bocce, pickleball, softball, church, book clubs, concerts, classes, political groups, etc.

The African American Social Group has grown significantly since its inception. There are no member dues. Costs may be incurred for participation in activities. Please join us and help plan for future events. Please forward your name(s), address, email, and phone number to Tiffany Ramzy at [email protected] or 216-346-9416.