Appreciation for All Who Work Here at the Ranch

CATC groups showered Michael with love. Michael was gracious to bring his gifts back in to get a picture of most of them, although missing some pottery cups. Pictured here is Mike with a beautiful hand-stitched pillow, gorgeous pottery pieces, a couple of toys, and a “Lucas” name puzzle.

Joni Matthiessen

There are those of us who frequent the CATC building often (some of us are there so much we have been asked if we keep a sleeping bag there). We have certainly been blessed with wonderful people who keep our building up and running, clean, cool, and, overall, just an amazing place for us to play. Sometimes I don’t think our workers get as much credit as they should for the work they do day in and day out. So here is a shout-out to thank all the folks who work here at the Ranch: the staff in both the Fitness Centers and pool crews, the Pro Shop, the grounds crew, the housekeeping staff, the Grill, the clubhouse staff, the security team, the front gate folks, and all the employees of the maintenance crew who watch over all our buildings. I hope I didn’t miss anybody, but I think a huge thank you is in order for everything all these folks do to make life here so much better.

In particular, I would love to introduce you to our fairly new maintenance guy at the CATC building, Michael. His family will be welcoming a new addition here shortly. When some of the craft groups found out about this new baby boy, unbeknown to each other, some of us got to work and recently showered Michael with some handcrafted treasures.

On behalf of everyone at the CATC building, “Congratulations, Mike, on your upcoming bundle of joy.” We appreciate you and every worker who works hard keeping the Ranch a great place to live! Thank you all!