Attention Robson Ranch Veterans

Charles Runner, President, Support Our Troops

When I first moved to Robson Ranch in June 2006, there were about 200 veterans living here. That number swelled to a record 465 in early 2015. There are now 426 veterans still here that I am aware of. A list of current veterans may be found in the back of the Veterans Park Tribute Book located in the Clubhouse.

Support our Troops meets monthly in the Clubhouse on the third Saturday from January to November. Our two major fundraisers are a spring golf tournament where we host soldiers and their families from Fort Hood and the Veterans Day Silent Auction. We support relatives of Robson Ranch residents (currently 78 in number), send packages and correspondence to those deployed overseas and provide support to three U.S. military units in Afghanistan. We also support veteran charities that provide medical services to veterans. We designed, built and operate the Veterans Park that is situated between the Clubhouse and the Grill.

We are an all-volunteer organization. Dues are $10 per person per year, which we use for our small administrative costs. Leftover administrative funds are added to the following year’s giving budget. One hundred percent of every donated dollar we receive is placed in our giving budget, which totaled a record $76,241 this year. This year’s donations will be placed in the 2017 giving budget.

We would like to see many more of our resident veterans help SOT in its mission to support our service men and woman. Please join us at our March 19 meeting in the Bandera-Medina Rooms of the Clubhouse.