Audiophile Club News

Mark Wegener

“Are you interested in high-end stereo? The Audiophiles Club is for you. Come join us,” stated Mark Harty, club president. The Audiophiles met on Jan. 26 to hear Mark Wegener’s McIntosh MR78 Classic FM Tuner by Hall of Fame engineer Richard Modefereri. The FM Tuner is considered a top three FM tuner ever made and the first engineered with computer assistance! It retailed in 1978 for $1,099! And, yes, it only plays FM. The club enjoyed glorious open sound with outstanding separation through Mark’s McIntosh equipment and legendary Klipschorns. Dallas Classical FM 101.1 radio never sounded better. We also listened to the Revox reel to reel and Mark’s classic Bang and Olufsen turntable. Vinyl listening fun along with high fidelity Roon streaming from Qobuz and Tidal.

The next club meeting is March 12, a blues music day with a visit from Harri Haka of Finland. Harri owns North Juke Productions, reviewing blues music, writing articles for the Finnish Blues Society.

Come join the club if you own and are interested in audiophile stereo gear. Please contact Club President Mark Harty at [email protected].