Baby Boomers Annual Holiday Progressive Party

Dave Parker

The highlight of the year for the Robson Ranch Baby Boomers is always the holiday progressive party in December. Carol Jankowski again volunteered to coordinate over 125 Baby Boomers going to five host homes for appetizers and then five different homes for desserts. The hosts for the appetizer portion were John and Marion Napurano; Dave and Karen Lyons; Tom and Susan Doty; Donna Steibel, Tony Kura, and Mary Ellen Steibel-Kura; and Steve and Jayne Gornik. The hosts for the dessert portion were John and Marti Harnly; Bill and Shirley Revering; James and Tammy Sczymanski; Gary and Nadine Oknefski; and Ralph and Carol Jankowski. After attending both an appetizer and dessert home, the Baby Boomers made their way to the Grill for the famous “after party”. The staff of the Grill was up to the task and the crowd filled the bar. It was an especially important evening as it was the last day for Mateo Perez to work at the Grill. Mateo was off to his dream job at Lockheed Martin. As the evening wound down, every Baby Boomer commented on what a great evening it was. The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays of each month at the Grill starting around 5 p.m. New Boomers come out and join in the fun! Any questions can be directed to Margaret O’Neill at [email protected]