Baby Boomers Spooktacular Event

Trisha and Henry Moore

Craig Smith

Dennis and Julie Eaton

Susan Parker

The Boomers filled the Wildhorse Grill on Monday, Oct. 24. This is the annual Halloween Party. The group of 75-plus people danced the night away with the various rock tunes by the Stewart Brothers.

The menu was Ghoolish Ghoulash with salad and cornbread. The bar staff created two drinks for the occasion, an Apricot Margarita and the Pumpkin Smash.

In our usual fashion, a Costume March happened at about 6:15 p.m. The bar staff selected the top three costumes. The winners this year were Trisha Moore as the Bride of Frankenstein, Craig Smith as Frankenstein, and Julie and Dennis Eaton as the Flower and Butterfly. Craig attended at the last minute by buying an event-only ticket at the door. We are so glad he joined us. A big shoutout to Jeremy Trietsch for the gift certificates for the winners.

Our next event will be on Nov. 21 in the Grill. Please watch for announcements about that event. Save the date for the Baby Boomer Progressive Christmas Party on Dec. 10, with an after party at the grill.

If you are interested in more information about Baby Boomers, contact Carol Jankowski at [email protected] or Susan Parker at [email protected]. There are no dues or signups; just plain fun!