Balloon Bowl Class

Teacher Pat Bender and assistants Jackie Graham and Carolyn Detjen with new
members Linda Borders, Carol Culkin, Denise Goddard, Robert Goddard, Kathy Jacobs,
Alessia Passalocque, Liz Smith, and Linda Steven

Jackie Graham demonstrates the process
of making balloon bowls.

Carolyn Detjen

In 2018 during the holiday season, we learned how to use an unusual item to form a bowl. It was a balloon. We were impressed by the variety of end results. Always sharing our experiences to teach club members, it was chosen again this year, to amaze “newbies” in the class or “oldies” that missed the class. Textured clay is wrapped around an inflated balloon that has been carefully inserted into a plastic drinking glass. When the clay is leather-hard, the air is cautiously released creating a bowl that will be slowly dried and at that time will be placed in a bisque fire kiln. This year we have purchased a variety of “Georgies” glazes that you will find gorgeous. After the glaze fire, the bowls will be used as containers for artificial plants or the bowl might be filled with succulents. The SPOTLIGHT window will display our balloon bowls in March. Our window will eventually display our creations.

Introductory Clay Class Jan. 13, 2020

On Monday, Jan. 13, eight Robson Ranch homeowners began their trip down Adventure Road in the Wine Cup Room. Our teacher, Pat Bender, is one of the members of our teaching team. She started our class with pinch pots. That name describes the process. Our members discovered the magic in playing in the mud. Even though we all began with the same amount of clay using identical tools, the pots reveal differing personalities. Each artist sees an attitude in the clay. Some of us say that we can hear the clay talking to us. After the pinch pot, we made two smaller pots that were adhered together to make a rattle. Small beads of pea-sized clay balls were sealed in the rattle. Two rattles became pears. Rob’s rattle is now square. Two others have joined the apple family. By the time they are glazed in wonderful colorful glazes, they will be the heartbeat of the potter. This class made us  kids again, learning new processes and loving and laughing. Try it out one day. You will be so surprised. Making pottery becomes addicting.