Basic Fly Fishing class

Scott P. Baker

The last day of January was cloudy, cold and windy with a little drizzle, but perfect fly fishing weather. A crowd of 44 Robson Ranch residents converged on the clubhouse to learn basic fly fishing from the Dallas Fly Fishers Club. A good third of the participants were women looking either to learn something new or to review skills from long ago. The Dallas Fly Fishers came with 14 instructors, so lots of hands were available to show how to rig the tackle, cast a rod and tie a fly. One session covered bugs, which is the entomology of the insects the fish really relish. Everyone tied at least one fly, and most of us got several flies that we were able to keep. Then it was on to casting and how to best use the leverage of the rod. The primary focus in the casting class was using the shoulder instead of the wrist commonly used with spin casting. Now this is where the women excelled. Richard Johnson, president of the Dallas Fly Fishers, said this is a common theme they run into where the women listen to the instruction and practice, where the men revert back to long-ago-learned spin casting techniques. The Dallas Fly Fishers Club provided not only an educational experience but also a fun filled day.

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