BBQ Pit-Masters—Smokers and Grillers

Dave Parker

The third mouthwatering meeting of the Robson Ranch BBQ Pit-Masters—Smokers and Grillers was held at Corey and Sue Raynor’s home. Corey and Sue went over the top preparing a smoked brown sugar and apple stuffed pork loin, with a bourbon brown sugar sauce that was smoked with hickory and pecan wood. Also served was a traditional North Carolina-style chopped pork BBQ with a spicy vinegar-based BBQ sauce. Corey and Sue also complemented the meal serving a specialty cocktail, the Bourbon Slushy. Other members and guests brought homemade sides and desserts, including jalapeño ranch potato salad, smoked jalapeño cheddar creamy corn, pecan smoked cream cheese with pita chips, and hickory and chipotle raspberry BBQ beans. Dessert was caramel apple upside down pie with Texas vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. All the members have a passion for BBQ and love to share recipes and tips they have learned over the years. To say it was a Texas gourmet 5-Star meal would be an understatement! BBQ you can’t find or buy anywhere!