BBQ Pitmasters, Smokers and Grillers

Bob and Tara Riley with the ultimate BBQ kitchen: Two Green Eggs, a GMG pellet grill, and a Blackstone!

Dave Parker

Warning: If you are hungry, do not read this article!

The July/August get-together of the BBQ Pitmaster, Smokers and Grillers was held at Bob and Tara Riley’s. Bob decided to take on smoked brisket, the meat that separates the novices from the pros. Bob smoked the brisket for 19 hours with hickory wood and then rested the brisket for five hours. Bob seasoned the meat with a combination of Meat Church Gospel, Cavender’s, and Bad Byron’s rub. Bob also smoked brie cheese wrapped in bacon for an appetizer.

Dr. Larry Lewis (doctorate in education and doctorate in Texas BBQ) rolled out smoked deviled eggs with bacon and shrimp. The delicious appetizer was smoked with gourmet pellets.

John McNemar brought smoked scalloped potatoes smoked with applewood. The potatoes had sharp Cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and red peppers all smoked in a cast iron skillet.

Paul Dorwaldt brought smoked elote, Mexican corn on the cob. The corn was covered with lemon jalapeno butter and cotija cheese.

Dessert was a smoked bourbon peach cobbler with smoked Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. The peach cobbler and ice cream were smoked with a combination of hickory, oak, maple, and cherrywood and contained Four Roses Bourbon, pure maple syrup, and fresh peaches.

It was another Texas gourmet BBQ evening! “BBQ you can’t find or buy anywhere!”