BBQ Pitmasters, Smokers & Grillers

(Photo by Dave Parker)

Dave Parker

Warning: If you are hungry, do not read this article!

The October meeting of the Robson Ranch Pitmasters, Smokers & Grillers featured smoked pork loins stuffed with cranberry cornbread dressing. The pork loins and dressing were smoked with hickory, oak, maple, and cherrywood. The loins were seasoned with brown sugar bourbon seasoning and topped with a smoked orange marmalade drizzle. The appetizers were smoked Texas Twinkies and Pig Shots. Texas Twinkies were stuffed with smoked cream cheese and wrapped with applewood smoked bacon. The Pig Shots were made by Diane Khalar and were andouille sausage wrapped with applewood smoked bacon. Cream cheese and pickled jalapenos were stuffed on the top, and Joe’s Seasoning was added.

Dr. Larry Lewis (Doctorate in Education and Doctorate in Texas BBQ) brought gourmet smoked purple asparagus. The smoked asparagus was covered in olive oil, lemon zest, minced garlic, salt, and pepper, and smoked on the grates at 225 degrees for an hour. John McNemar made his famous smoked mac and cheese. The mac and cheese included a pound of smoked pulled pork, cream cheese, gouda cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese, all smoked with applewood. Paul Dorwaldt mesquite smoked baked beans for the get-together. Paul added Gala apples and applewood smoked bacon to kidney and pinto beans. Bob Riley grilled potato pancakes on a cast iron skillet and seasoned the potatoes with Cowboy Capitol Bend Spices.

The meal finished with two apple cranberry streusel pies topped with Texas Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Members and guests all left with gourmet BBQ plates to go. BBQ you cannot find or buy anywhere!