Bocce Club: A Journey of Growth and Expansion

Lorraine Wilson

Since its inception in the Summer of 2017, the Robson Ranch Bocce Club has steadily evolved into a thriving community hub for enthusiasts of the game. What began with a modest layout of four courts using wood and rope swiftly transformed into a vibrant league accommodating an impressive number of teams.

Recognizing the need for improved facilities to match the soaring interest, the club took a leap forward in the Fall of 2017 by introducing PVC courts. This upgrade facilitated the support of 16 teams across two divisions, marking the beginning of an upward trajectory for the club’s expansion.

By the Spring of 2018, the club had surged to 20 teams, engaging in a spirited 10-week season both in spring and fall. The following year saw an exponential leap as the club doubled in size, boasting 40 teams divided into four divisions during Spring 2019, later scaling up to 60 teams and six divisions that fall.

The momentum of growth has been nothing short of remarkable, reaching a pinnacle of 120 teams participating in the vibrant seasons of Spring and Fall 2023, all while continuing to utilize the PVC pipe courts that have become synonymous with the club’s journey.

Anticipation now brews among members as the prospect of new bocce courts looms on the horizon. Positioned strategically between the clubhouse and the CATC building, this development marks a significant milestone for the community. After navigating the necessary approvals, the City of Denton has given the green light, setting the stage for an imminent groundbreaking ceremony. We wish to thank Robson Communities and Mr. Robson for moving forward with the construction of the bocce courts.

As the Robson Ranch Bocce Club prepares to embark on this new phase, the foundation of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a shared love for the game remains steadfast, propelling the club toward an exciting future.