Bonnie’s scary-strong Halloween workout for active agers

Total Body Strength – Halloween

Total Body Strength – Halloween

Carolyn Thomas

Bonnie Fickey’s Active Aging Total Body Strength and Fit For Life group fitness classes were rocking to chilling and thrilling Halloween music that included a Ghostbuster warm up, Thriller cardio to escape the Zombies with strong defensive moves against the walking dead; Halloween howling-wolf lower/upper body strength combo; Cardio Pumpn’ Pumpkin workout with light dumbbells; Witchin’ Broomstick Core workout, and concluded with a Spooky Skeleton lengthening, stability, and flexibility routine.

Bonnie has 28 years of teaching experience and holds national certifications in Group Fitness, Active Aging Movement/Fall Prevention, Group Strength, Senior Fitness, and is currently working toward a certification as a Core Training Specialist. Prior to moving to Robson Ranch in October 2015, she taught numerous group fitness classes in various fitness facilities in the Denton County area, including TWU Wellness Center where she was also an AFAA certified personal trainer. Bonnie has a passion for fitness education and enjoys not only instructing group fitness classes but educating her participants so they can have an understanding of the purpose of the exercises and feel safe and successful with her classes. She began teaching classes at Robson Ranch during open gym time in 2017, and is currently teaching three Fit For Life and five Total Body Strength classes. Her husband, Gaylen, assists and participates in all of her classes and enjoys the participants and the classes as much as they do.

Participant’s testimonies

“The Fit For Life classes have helped me get off my blood pressure meds and I feel better about myself.”

“My balance and agility has improved and I no longer have a fear of falling.”

“I am more aware of how to navigate daily activities in a safe and efficient manner.”

“The Total Body Strength classes have helped me increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance.”

“My bone density has improved since I have been attending the strength classes two- to three-days a week.”

“My emotional health has improved and I feel more optimistic after attending the classes.”

“I attribute a great deal of my weight loss and improved physical condition to these classes.”

“I have better hip mobility and less pain.”

Bonnie’s mission is to help lead the active aging population towards a strong feeling of self-efficacy and help improve their ADL’s solely and efficiently to live a safer, happier, and fitter life.

Schedule and cost of classes are posted on the bulletin board in the Cimarron building and in the Wednesday HOA announcements via email. Bonnie’s contact information is [email protected] or 940-390-5892.