Bottle or can; can you tell the difference?

David Parker

Bernadette Fideli

Ditch the corkscrew and grab a can of wine. Canned wine is not just a passing summer fad; it is a $45 million dollar rapidly-growing business thanks to millennial drinkers. Refusing to be upstaged by the younger crowd, David and Susan Parker hosted the Wine Stewards to a Bottle vs Can Challenge. Four varietals were selected, each in a canned and bottle version. The Wine Stewards then held a blind tasting, rating each selection. Surprisingly, the evening resulted in a draw. Some varietals were difficult to differentiate. Others were obvious. As a result, a new respect developed for canned wines. On average, a 750-milliliter bottle of wine costs between $11 to $25 dollars. Canned wine, on the other hand, run between $4 to $7 dollars for a 375-milliliter can. Canned wines can also be brought to places bottled wines cannot, like the beach or park. The popularity of canned wines has led to a surge in the number of brands producing this version. Over the last three years, the number of producers has grown from a dozen to over 100. As always, the Wine Stewards are aware of new trends and are willing to learn. Education, enjoyment and friendship make a memorable evening.