Breakfast to Kick Start Your Day

Jessica Small, Better Living for Texans agent

Jessica Small, Better Living for Texans Agent

Breakfast actually means “breaking the fast.” When we eat breakfast we are refueling our bodies after going without food during our sleeping hours. Typically, this is about seven to eight hours. Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies functioning properly. Having breakfast is key! Breakfast helps us to perform and feel better. It also helps wake up our brains. Some even call breakfast brain food.

Research also indicates that those eating breakfast are more likely to have a regular eating pattern (eating every three or four hours) and tend to need fewer snacks throughout the day. Consuming fewer snacks (i.e. chips and candies) throughout the day helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

When we wake up, our energy reserves are at their lowest. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps us to replenish our blood sugar, which improves the brain’s ability to function. Breakfast energizes the body and helps us to function better throughout the day, including giving us more endurance, strength, better concentration and memory, and coordination.

Enjoying a nutritious breakfast that includes foods like high-fiber, whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat waffles, and oatmeal, helps us to get enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It isn’t as hard as some of us think to make time for breakfast. It all starts with planning. A good way to do this and to save time is to wake up 15 minutes earlier to have a bowl of cereal. Another suggestion is to prepare breakfast the night before. A few examples include: rolled oats, smoothie bowl, breakfast muffins, and fruit. Another fast and healthy option is to make a simple breakfast burrito with eggs, tomatoes, and cheese. Roll it up in a whole-wheat tortilla for a tasty on-the-go breakfast.

There are so many easy options for a healthy breakfast meal. Make a list of items you like that would be nutritious for breakfast first. This will help you decide what you should purchase at the grocery store. I encourage you to use your imagination and start creating today!

The old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is actually true. Enjoy it!

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