Car Club Goes to Summit Racing Showroom

Summit Racing Showroom in Arlington, Texas

Summit Racing Showroom in Arlington, Texas

Ron Hoeberling

One of the goals of the Rollin’ Ranchers Car Club is to visit car-related destinations. And with the COVID-19 restrictions, finding a place that is open for business is a challenge. However, we discovered that the Summit Racing Showroom in Arlington had recently opened their doors with a limited capacity, so we made that our destination in June.

The Summit Racing Showroom had displays for all kinds of parts including exhaust systems, fuel systems, engine components, suspension parts, custom wheels, racing slicks, and other performance items. They also had tools, T-shirts, caps, diecast models, and more. And the highlight in the showroom was the two top fuel dragsters suspended from the ceiling! I wouldn’t be surprised if those were for sale too.

Our car club goal is to participate in car-related events or trips each month. Club members are kept informed of activities and events through GroupWorks and dues are $10 per year.

For more information about how to join, email Ron Hoeberling at [email protected] or text at 913-708-1908.