Car Club Remembers Some Favorite Things from 2020

Typical Car Club Show & Shine at the clubhouse parking lot

Typical Car Club Show & Shine at the clubhouse parking lot

Ron Hoeberling

All of us remember 2020 and probably want to forget about it. COVID-19 and the election uproar were unbelievable, and we hope will never happen again. However, many of us managed to make the best of it. Even though COVID-19 limited our club activities at Robson Ranch, we found ways to stay safe and still have fun.

The Rollin’ Ranchers Car Club managed to have 15 events throughout the year. We had planned to have one to two driving events each month, but soon had to put on the brakes with social distancing restrictions and no destinations available to visit. When we couldn’t have indoor meetings, we shifted gears and had Show & Shine gatherings outdoors in the clubhouse parking lot. We socially distanced our cars and enjoyed our time together the best we could.

There is a song from a 1965 musical that says when you feel bad, you simply remember your favorite things. Here are some Car Club favorite things we remember from 2020.

* Visit to Triple F Restoration Shop in Fort Worth

* Cruise to the Giro Pizza Brunch in Flower Mound

* Visit to Gateway Classics Consignment Warehouse in Grapevine

* Visit to Streetside Classics Consignment Warehouse in Fort Worth

* Cruise to Horton Classic Car Museum in Nocona, Texas

* Visit to Summit Racing Showroom in Arlington

* Robson Ranch Neighborhood Cruise on the 4th of July

* Picnic Cruise to Sanger, Texas

* Visit to Mecum Collector Car Auction in Dallas

* Toys For Tots Car Show at the Clubhouse parking lot

* Make-A-Wish Cruise in Denton

* Plus four Car Club Show & Shine events at the clubhouse parking lot

In addition to these events, the Car Club presented the new President’s Choice Award to Grover Graham and Larry Hampton for their club participation and car enthusiasm. This will be ongoing with several awards presented each year.

We are already having a rough start to 2021 with the winter weather—rolling blackouts, frozen pipes, and the boil water notice. This is just another reason to remember our favorite things.

Watch for upcoming Car Club events on GroupWorks and in the HOA weekly emails, and hope to see you at a Car Club event soon.