Casita Boys Rock the Rock & Roll Martini Group

Dave Parker

The Rock & Roll Martini Group was lucky enough to host the world-famous Casita Boys during their World Tour 2024 for a driveway concert. A founding member of the group, Keenan Wallace, along with Dee Wallace, were the host for the May party. Keenan and Dee served up a Mexican feast with cheese and meat enchiladas from 5 to 6:30 p.m. All the Rockers (members) and guests could not find room on their plates for all the food. The martinis for the evening were the Sandiatini and the Freakin Margatini.

At 6:30 p.m. everyone moved out to the street with lawn chairs to listen to the band. Robson Ranch residents Keenan Wallace, Jerry Hinson, and Mark Skinner joined lead singer Phil Rogers and Kevin Gore. Another Robson resident, Chris Corbit, is the “super sound guy” for the band. The band blew it out of the Ranch for all listening. (Sorry about the loud music, neighbors!) As dusk was approaching, everyone gathered up their chairs and commented on what a great evening it was!

No screen doors or martini glasses were harmed during the party. Until next month, Rock On!