Catholic Club meeting recap

Lt. Linda Choi from the Salvation Army

Lt. Linda Choi from the Salvation Army

Irene Manning

Robson Ranch Catholic Club met on September 8 at 7:00 p.m. They met at the lovely home or Dorothy Hogan. We had a wonderful turnout with 32 members attending. The guest speaker was Lt. Linda Choi from the Salvation Army.

Lt Choi was from Soul, Korea and described how her grandmother had come from North Korea in the 1950s to South Korea and became a great influence in Lt. Choi’s life. Her father was not Christian, but her mother prayed daily and he was healed and became a Christian. Lt. Choi studied Hotel Management in college and traveled all over the world but when in Scotland she felt a calling from God, and her life changed. She then became an English teacher. She told of her faith journey that brought her to America and to the Salvation Army here in Denton.

Marge Lane informed the group how they can participate In the Daily Bread by purchasing travel size items like shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste plus winter gloves, hat. She even had a rain coat and fit all of this into a gallon plastic zip lock bag. Last year we put the items into shoe boxes, but they want the items put into the plastic bags this Christmas. The bags will be given to the men for Christmas. The bags have to be turned in by November 10.

Snacks and beverages were served, and we had time for fellowship and had a wonderful evening.