Change your mind, change your body

Marie Milleage

On February 3, Living Well at Robson Ranch welcomed Thomas Jensen, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, author and owner of Elect Wellness. His educational and inspirational seminar reflected his philosophy of making mindful decisions that affect all areas of one’s life through fitness and healthy nutrition.

Thomas’ presentation included motivating oneself to look beyond the 90 days of New Year’s excitement to becoming and staying healthy. He encouraged us to change our perspectives and beliefs and to pre-program ourselves to make changes that become habitual behaviors.

Descriptive graphics illustrated his recommended steps to better health:

0 – Define – understand why to make changes; move away and move forward

1 – Optimism –view the glass as half-full, not half-empty

2 – Put space on the continuum: from sick to moving toward healthy

3 – Ownership – adopt a positive mindset, not claiming “not me” or “not my fault”

4 – Long-term perspective – avoid the roller coaster effect when trying to change habits

5 – Behavioral changes – set realistic action goals

6 – Benefit and Enjoyment – recognize benefits of and learn to enjoy a different lifestyle

7 – Quality not Quantity – strive for the most beneficial versions of foods and exercises

8 – Non-negotiables – manage to squeeze in activities, healthy foods and enjoyment

9 – Real vs. Fake – enjoy nutritious, natural foods and avoid diet fads and fast foods

10 – Recognize lifestyle challenges – look forward to desired lifestyle changes

11 – The One Percent Investment – focus on fitness 45 minutes, twice weekly; use time wisely

12 – Set new standards – make physical change standards analogous to socioeconomic standards

13 – MUST not WANT

Often we view nutrition and exercise as undesirable and boring. Thomas’ eye-opening messages demonstrated how to gain energy and confidence by developing a healthy fitness program. By changing one’s outlook, selecting nutritious foods and consistently exercising one to four times weekly, changes can become reality.

For more information about this seminar, co-sponsored by DATCU Credit Union, please contact Marie Milleage at [email protected].

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