A chat with some of the Robson Angels

Catherine Simpson

In order to help you get to know the Robson Angels, I asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves. Hopefully this will give you some insight and assist you in picking up the phone to ask for help. They want to give you a break!

Peggy Beyer: “I am a widow of four years. My husband passed away from prostate cancer. He dealt with the cancer for six years, put up a brave fight, but that nasty old word “cancer” won out. I took care of him throughout his illness, and he passed away in peace in our home. I know what it is like to care for someone housebound and would have loved to have a “Robson Angel” relieve me for several hours for a needed break.”

Sue Reber: “I would be more than happy to keep someone company, talk and play simple games. If I am available, I could make some drives to doctors if the patient is fully ambulatory.”

Maureen Pocock: “Having cared for my father during his declining years with dementia, I understand the need for respite for those who care for others. I have spent considerable time with cancer patients and worked closely with their doctors and their care givers. I believe that I can use my experience to offer some relief for those in need of some “time off.”

Valerie Tarren: “I have volunteered at a school in Alaska, Veteran’s Home in Canada and a nursing home here in Texas. I have enjoyed listening to experiences, chatting with residents, painting the ladies’ nails, curling their hair and more. I have also volunteered the last four years at the Denton Presbyterian Hospital in the day surgery reception and surgical floor. Volunteering as a Robson angel just seemed a natural thing for me to do.”

Ardie Oman: “I decided to volunteer because I have a lot of free time and felt this would be a good way to give back. I took care of my husband for 11 years. He had suffered a severe stroke at 49 and was partially paralyzed. Then he had bladder cancer requiring a urostomy, and I changed his bags daily. I worked full time in a hospital in St. Paul, MN during this time, which was a blessing as I could be near my husband during his many trips to the hospital. I worked full time as the medical staff coordinator and medical staff secretary so I knew the doctors, and they called me many times to help when tests were being performed as my husband was more calm when I was with him. Previously I took care of my mother who lived with me. She had heart trouble requiring hospitalization many times. Hopefully I can help as a volunteer because I know how tired caregivers get and how much they need time away to do a little relaxing and recuperation.”

Lynne Flake: “There are times a person has to go for day surgery or a doctor’s appointment; this is something I would be more than happy to do. I can also ‘sit’ as long as the person can walk on their own as I am not able to lift or carry. Robson Angels taking care of caregivers’ needs should alleviate a lot of stress for the patient and caregiver, and that is my main reason for wanting to help.”

Need time out to go to dinner, church, a movie or even to your own doctor’s appointment? These Robson Angels are serious about helping you as a caregiver! By allowing a Robson Angel the chance to give, you will both receive and give a blessing.