‘Christmas at the Ranch’ Both Heartwarming and Poignant!

Christmas Concert 2022

Frances Hackley, Publicity

The performance of the Robson Ranch Community Choir’s “Christmas at the Ranch” concert was truly a heartwarming event. There were many songs the audience related to with fond memories and heartening delight—songs, for instance, like “White Christmas,” Happy Holidays,” and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Other songs like “Candles of Chanukah,” “He Is Born,” and “When a Child Is Born” reminded everyone, with touching clarity, the reason for the season.

The most poignantly stirring song of the concert, no doubt, was the choir’s rendition of “Silent Night.” So intensely stirring, the emotion could be read on everyone’s face. After the song, the choir then performed “Silent Night” in sign language, leaving a hush in the room, both touching and captivating. The lively spirited “Joy to the World” and “We Need a Little Christmas” invigorated and exhilarated the audience with the joy and merriment of Christmas. Our amazing accompanist, Paul Lees, performed his arrangement of “The Christmas Song,” which, quite frankly, was at least two notches past superb! Our extraordinary conductor Dr. Arturo Ortega, though feeling a bit under the weather, guided and molded the choir voices in splendid accord. He also brought for all to enjoy a string quartet that played notes so sweet, we now all have cavities! Dr. Ortega conducted them in the Russian version of “The Sleigh,” a true moment of elation.

The concerts were a joy for us to perform and a sort of gift from us to you. We thank you for your continued support. Our next concert will be on April 15 and 16. The choir begins rehearsals again, after a short break, at the end of January.

We would like to congratulate and welcome our new members: Van Biggs, Stan Briney, Denise Gonzales, Steve Jeffrey, Carl Walsh, and Mark Woolsey.

Please go to our website, rrmusicclub.com, for all information about the Music Club. There you will find information on all our concerts and events, as well as access to PayPal for purchasing tickets. Watch for information on our soon-to-come Singing Valentine’s on Feb. 12 and Mardi Gras Party on Feb. 17.