Cleanup Time at the Wood Shop

Larry Ditch stepped in and did some cutting on the table saw for a fellow woodworker as Donna Ditch watched.

Joni Matthiessen

Since the CATC building has been closed for remodeling these past few weeks, there aren’t any new pictures of exciting projects to share. But sometimes there are lots of folks behind the scenes who just make things run better, so this is a good time to talk about them.

Larry and Donna Ditch are one of our couples who give so much time and effort to make the Wood Shop a better place. Larry is one of our shop managers, and Donna often comes alongside Larry and gives a hand monitoring. One of the main requirements at the shop is the need to always have a monitor present. They must be there, wearing a yellow vest, during open time before anyone can use any of the machinery. Both Larry and Donna are always willing to help anyone when asked, so a big shout-out to Larry and Donna for all they do to keep the shop in great shape.

In addition to Larry and Donna, while the building is closed for a few weeks, there are still folks working on maintenance and housekeeping items. Our board members President Kathy Dial, Vice President Joey Misiaszek, Treasurer Frank Hunter, Secretary Sue Wells, another Shop Manager Larry Daniels, and several other Wood Shop members will be there making very necessary changes while the building is closed. The work bench tops will be removed and taken off-site to be refinished. The shop will be totally cleaned and some rearranging done to make it more efficient and organized. Huge thanks to all who volunteered their time and talents to our shop to keep it in fine working order!