Colt and the Old 45s concert

Colt and the Old 45s

Colt and the Old 45s

The Colt and the Old 45s entertained the Robson Ranch residents on Saturday, July 16, for nearly three hours. There was plenty of dancing and bar services; those attending enjoyed having tables as well as the theater seating available. Some people reserved an entire table, but it wasn’t required to have a full table to sit at tables. If there were open places those that didn’t reserve a table sat at the open chairs. There was no need to reserve an entire table; people were put together during the ticket sale process, and what a great way to meet new people.

Initially this group was a three-member band. In 2007, Colt & the Old 45s quickly grew to an 11-member band. In less than 12 months they impressed and entertained audiences with their rock-n-roll covers from the late 50s, 60s and early 70s as well as some of their own well received original compositions, Colt and the Old 45s is comprised of as talented an ensemble of musicians and singers as you will ever see and hear.

From their lead male vocalist with a five octave range, to their very seasoned and talented guitarists and bass player, to their extremely entertaining and gifted keyboardist, accomplished drummer, hearty and rock-solid horn section, to their enormously talented female vocalists, this band offered decades of experience.

They also had a slide show of pictures and videos from the groups that originally performed the songs and a play list that spanned 25 years of the most recognizable music. The attendees heard songs from such original artists as Roy Orbison, Del Shannon, the Righteous Brothers, The Four Seasons, Tina Turner, Lou Christie, Chicago, Jerry Lee Lewis and more…songs that certainly rekindled memories for those who grew up listening to them.

Bryan Stout, leader of the band, offered a lot of trivia during the evening. Just before intermission he sang Dixie to honor all the military that served before us as well as those that have served or are serving currently. This tribute song and the slide show were phenomenal.

Hope you won’t miss them next year! They are booked to return to Robson Ranch. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 15, 2017. More information will be sent out as the year progresses. Watch for this information and come join another fabulous night of entertainment.