Commemoration party for 25th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm

Judy Ondina

All branches of the military except the Coast Guard were represented at a recent gathering at the home of Miguel and Judy Ondina. Twenty-five years ago the U.S. was engaged in the Gulf War that proved to be one of the most successful and shortest encounters experienced by our military. Those attending brought photos, magazines and wonderful stories of experiences in “their” war that were shared with the group. Two of our Gulf War vets were still able to wear the shirts of their uniforms as evidenced in the accompanying photo. It was an honor to have our daughter, Major Paola Ondina attend the party and meet some of the vets residing at Robson Ranch.

Attendees included the following:

Marines: Jerry Killingsworth

Navy: Jerry Waynant and Sam Cortez (non-Robson)

Army: Mike Melo, Mike Sabo, Quinn Sowell, Larry Nortunen, Howard Onstott, Tyler Clark (owner of Lone Star Golf) and Ashley Hullett (non-Robson).

Air Force: Bill Ambre, Miguel Ondina, Paola Ondina (non-Robson) and Pat Perry (non-Robson).