Community Supports Elementary Orchestra Program

Frances Hackley

The Community of Robson Ranch has always been generous in giving to various local charities. With that in mind, the Robson Ranch Music Club, knowing how much music helps in the growth and development of young minds, sought to find if there was a need at a local elementary school. Alas, there was, indeed.

Borman Elementary’s Orchestra Program struggles. The parents are willing, and for the most part able, to pay the rental fee for the instruments; however, they fall short in the ability to cover costs for other much-needed supplies for successful growth—items such as cello/bass rosin, pomade, violin/cello rests, binders, cleaning cloths, tuners, and music books. The Music Club thought this a worthy cause. Since most in the community enjoy and support the richness music gives to our lives, it seemed like a good community project. Knowing that, in general, children who learn to play an instrument or read music do far better than children who do not, supporting these children in their advancement makes sense.

On July 4, Jay Vandenbree of the Classic Rock Club presented a large donation from their group, and we were on our way. With the help of others, we were able to gather enough money to cover the costs of everything on their “needs list.”

In September, Jay Vandenbree and I presented a check to Borman Elementary for their Orchestra Program. They intend to share some of the money with other schools in the district of Denton. The Denton School District was so excited about our Robson Community caring and sharing, that they sent a photographer and Barbara Burns of the Denton School District Board of Trustees to the presentation. Also in attendance to accept the check were Sara Bolinger (Orchestra director), Sandy Cuberg (director of Denton High Orchestra), and the fifth graders in the Orchestra Program at Borman Elementary.

Thank you to all who contributed. We intend to make this ongoing, for their continued need will always be there. As Jay mentioned, music and its impact on one’s life never goes away. You will, however, have no idea why you stressed yourself over trigonometry! If you have an interest in helping, go to—a Donate button is there. Donations are also accepted at all Music Club events. Again, thank you to all who helped, from the Borman Elementary Orchestra!